i.tink therefore i am.

I have always loved making things.
Materials excite me.
The promise of possibilities, of birthing something new into the world.
I have worked in many creative disciplines: collage, painting, photography, glass blowing, interior design, sewing, knitting, song-writing....
What matters is not the medium, but that I am creating, using my mind, heart, body and soul to express beauty and love.
I also love things that have a history, items that are unique and have an inherent story that comes with their age. That combined with the thrill of the hunt has led to my ever-expanding collection of vintage clothing, art, and jewelry.
Self-expression in any form is what I seek. It is how I learn about myself and the world I live in. It is how I connect and share my experience.

I hope you enjoy perusing my creations and found treasures. My Etsy shop is like a visual map of my inner world, revealing my fantasies, past lives, aspirations and daydreams.

If there is something special you would like me to create for you, drop me a line. I would be honored.

i.tink you are beautiful.